Eris Hospital returns in a one off very blue illustration for "Bleu Abus." What is "Bleu Abus":

"An exquisite corpse, unexpected and improvised composition of its visual and literal interpretations. Blue Abuse is a vertigo, prompted by the words of impulsive ideas.

The 5th volume of the Spectrôm collection [EpOx et BoTOx collective books serie] follows the previous « Rouge Bruit » (2017), « Orange Errance » (2018), « Jaune Ironie » (2019) and « Vert Envie » (2020). 36 new artists handled the matched thematic -Blue Abuse- and produced an illustration connected to one or two lines of text, as a caption. As an exquisite corpse, the pictures have been linked together in the book, depending on these pieces of sentence, in order to create a surrealistic story."

contributing artists: Miroslav Weissmuller, Alice Dugas, Ana Vujic, Antoine Bernhart, Antonin Malchiodi, Aude Carbone, Catherine Le Goff, Guichard Celine, Crocuta Crocuta, Dave De Mille, Evelyne Postic, Fanny Saint-Pierre, gea*, Gnot Guedin, Guro Tengu, J.personne, Jaky La Brune, Jeanne Smith, Julien Brunet, Kinga Janiak, Laure André, Lauri Jaakkonen, Lenté Chris, Léo Quievreux, Lucile Gautier, Marco Toxico, Matteo Falone, Nuke, Phileas Dog, Ronan Furax, Rurru Mipanochia, Scarlatine, Simone Découpe, Stéphanie Chardon, Stéphanie Ssoloeil, & Val L’Enclume.

get it here: click me!

or at the official book release at Galerie E2/Sterput June 10 at 11AM– 2 PM Brussels, Belgium

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Chilean based "Estrellita Mía" zine is back with a new magazine titled "Tinystar." A color pencil drawing of mine graces the cover of issue number one. This issue features works by international artists such as: Igor Ruz, Limón Camilo, Leufü Manke, Joyce Barker, Ila Pop, Fergus Nm, Erman Akçay, Bernardino Costantino, Yu Hirayama, Yves Hänggi, Nils Bertho, Niccolò Nozza, Josh M Griffiths, Mavado Charon, Nicolás de Sarmiento, and more...

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