I have two color pencil portraits featured in the cover of the May 2020 issue of Japanese magazine FEECO.

About the issue:

This is a soundtrack issue focused on the soundtrack of graphic novels & zines,anime and  videogames.  Features a British illusrator Francis Castle and her Clay Pipe label, Instrumental by Dave Chisholm, 'Playlist ZINE', JG Thirlwell (aka Foetus, Steroid Maximus, Venture Bros. and Archer), some videogame soundtracks and Captainhowdie's cartoon on VGM etc..

156 pages A5 full-color cover and black text Mostly Bilingual JP/ENG

available for order here:


The association E² has the pleasure and the great honor of hosting the American artists Gea and Stu Mead. These two artists represent essentially women evolving in mental and unreal universes and put in images the fury, the cruelty, and the madness which inhabit the bodies and the adolescent minds. Innocence and perversity fight endlessly there and lead reason to chaos and revelation. Desire, denied, impossible, terrifying and omnipresent, resurfaces in fantastical explosions, in hallucinatory transgressions.

Unpublished works have been produced especially for the exhibition at Sterput. This exhibition is obviously and exclusively reserved for adults.

"Divines” Drawings, paintings, engravings, serigraphs 3/5-4/18

Opening March 5 at 6pm-10pm

Sterput gallery Rue de Laeken, 122 - 1000 Brussels

*2 books have been produced for the show. Available at the expostion and gallery website.*

***UPDATE show has been extended until June 13***


After much delay, and in time for Spring, "The Nurses of Eris Hospital" zine have finally arrived. In volume 2 of “The Seekers" series (a 9 character based anthology), we start sweetly with the nurse. We can all use a little taking care of.

The concept for this zine went through some mutations. Originally it was only going to showcase a collection of past and present nurse drawings. It wasn't until I met Simon Morris that "The Seekers" project developed even further. He was intrigued with the idea of writing for characters since it was a change of pace from his usual autobiographical writing. Our collaboration quickly began, half the fun was just bouncing off ideas. Can we do that? Yes, its fiction. We can do whatever we want.

Half the artwork was already completed for TNOEH and Simon worked with the concepts that were there and expanded on it. He also came up with his own narratives which I illustrated. The rest of it (photographs, etc.) just came naturally into the mix. This project clearly had a mind of its own and we were there just to make it happen.

Hospital Operations Manager/Patient Simon Morris + Nurse Administrator gea*

In a way TNOEH is incomplete, Simon left the building to join the big audience up in the sky. Before he left, he expressed he wanted to write more for it. He had already fleshed out more than half the characters in “The Seekers” and left me with small summaries for them. Trying to put the zine together after his passing was a bigger ordeal than anticipated: blood, sweat, and tears. The writing in the book was left just as he wrote it, unchanged. A few artistic sacrifices had to be made, but overall I’m pleased with it. I have to thank my publisher at Unknown Editions for his patience and understanding.

The Nurses of Eris Hospital

volume 2 of "The Seekers"

Published by Editions Unknown

Printed beautifully in high quality paper, 6"x9" format, nicely bounded, about 40 pages.

Edition of 150

signed and numbered

available here: https://geaphiles.bigcartel.com

more of Simon's writing: click here