I'll be exhibiting color pencil artworks in the "Fantasy and ecstasy - deviant with a sweet scent" group show in Kyoto, Japan. Show begins on the September 22nd and runs to the 30th at Green & Garden Gallery.

Fellow participating artists are:

Shinkuwa Yufu, Koga Inugaki, Joanna Hawrot, Shintaro Okabe, ReguRegu, Nakai Yuki, Stu Mead, Kiyoshi Miyamoto, Tristan des Limbes, Mari Yamaama, Yannis Angel, Miyuki Watanabe, Wada Mio.

Have you found what you been looking for? Do you know what you want? Follow these 9 seekers in an introductory zine. Their portraits and a centerfold printed beautifully in high quality paper, 6"x9" format. You might not find any answers, but remember...it is just the beginning.

available through: geaphiles.bigcartel.com

Edition of 100, signed and numbered. comes with sticker.


Two of my color pencil works will be on display in this upcoming group show.

Opening Reception: December 7, 7-9pm

Location: 24 Avenue A, NYC 10009

for more information visit: Art on A Gallery