My artwork graced two book covers for Snuggly Books last year. I been quite overwhelmed, so finally getting around to posting about them now.

The Man From Düsseldorf:

A Tribute to Claus Laufenburg

There was something about Claus Laufenburg that drew them, mothers and daughters, princes and paupers, spicy Spaniards and jet-set Swedes, to him. Was it his dangerous swagger, his arts and skills of passion, or the glittering universe of his gigantic collection of Rumanian limited edition hardbacks?

In these five stories of reckless lust and steaming blood, filthy talk and degenerate banter, by five of the boldest voices in the New Pleasant Movement, the reader is invited to explore the ins and outs of one of Germany’s most beloved bibliophiles as he moves through the world of physical matter. The book that Hollywood refused.


When a Girl Loves a Girl

Jeremy Reed

In A Girl Loves a Girl, British poet Jeremy Reed revamps Sappho, the legendary archaic Greek lyric poet from the island of Lesbos. As with all his audaciously frontline poetry and fiction, Reed places history as now in the present, mediated over by update, rather than consigned to the irretrievable past. As a pioneering reaction to academic attempts to literally recreate a poetry that exists only in fragmentary form, he remakes and expands on the possibilities of meaning in predominantly same-sex motivated poetry in a way that will bring one of the greatest poets of ancient Greece alive to 21st-century readers. Only Jeremy Reed would dare override scholars from the viewpoint of presenting Sappho in a legacy that extends to new generations of her admirers, as a symbol of love and desire between women.

Both titles are available through Snuggly Books:

I have two color pencil portraits featured in the cover of the May 2020 issue of Japanese magazine FEECO.

About the issue:

This is a soundtrack issue focused on the soundtrack of graphic novels & zines,anime and  videogames.  Features a British illusrator Francis Castle and her Clay Pipe label, Instrumental by Dave Chisholm, 'Playlist ZINE', JG Thirlwell (aka Foetus, Steroid Maximus, Venture Bros. and Archer), some videogame soundtracks and Captainhowdie's cartoon on VGM etc..

156 pages A5 full-color cover and black text Mostly Bilingual JP/ENG

available for order here:

The association E² has the pleasure and the great honor of hosting the American artists Gea and Stu Mead. These two artists represent essentially women evolving in mental and unreal universes and put in images the fury, the cruelty, and the madness which inhabit the bodies and the adolescent minds. Innocence and perversity fight endlessly there and lead reason to chaos and revelation. Desire, denied, impossible, terrifying and omnipresent, resurfaces in fantastical explosions, in hallucinatory transgressions.

Unpublished works have been produced especially for the exhibition at Sterput. This exhibition is obviously and exclusively reserved for adults.

"Divines” Drawings, paintings, engravings, serigraphs 3/5-4/18

Opening March 5 at 6pm-10pm

Sterput gallery Rue de Laeken, 122 - 1000 Brussels

*2 books have been produced for the show. Available at the expostion and gallery website.*

***UPDATE show has been extended until June 13***

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