E2 exposition

The association E² has the pleasure and the great honor of hosting the American artists Gea and Stu Mead. These two artists represent essentially women evolving in mental and unreal universes and put in images the fury, the cruelty, and the madness which inhabit the bodies and the adolescent minds. Innocence and perversity fight endlessly there and lead reason to chaos and revelation. Desire, denied, impossible, terrifying and omnipresent, resurfaces in fantastical explosions, in hallucinatory transgressions.

Unpublished works have been produced especially for the exhibition at Sterput. This exhibition is obviously and exclusively reserved for adults.

"Divines” Drawings, paintings, engravings, serigraphs 3/5-4/18

Opening March 5 at 6pm-10pm

Sterput gallery Rue de Laeken, 122 - 1000 Brussels

*2 books have been produced for the show. Available at the expostion and gallery website.*

***UPDATE show has been extended until June 13***